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Links – Recommended Amplifier, Guitar, Harmonica, and Music Resources

Skip Simmons Amp Repair | Loma Rica, CA, USA 
Repairs/Info: [email protected] | 530.771.7345

Hal 9000 Organs - Every Hammond player in Northern California knows (or should know) Hal. If you are looking for the knowledge that comes from years of experience, give him a call. And ask about his unbelievable handmade Leslie cabinets!

Rick Estrin – On the Harp Side - Rick Estrin is a modern blues master. Here is his latest CD that spotlights his fabulous blues harp playing.

The Fretboard Journal - A guitar magazine for grown-ups. Beautiful photography and in-depth articles make this publication a valued reference. No one ever throws this guitar magazine away.

Adam Gussow’s Modern Blues Harmonica - Another great blues musician resource, this site has a foot in the past, and a foot in the present; plus this guy has the street credit to back it up. Adam has played forever, with everyone, in all kinds of venues. He offers low-cost video lessons and tabs for classic and contemporary blues harp repertoire, plus the Dirty-South blues harp forum. Adam really loves the blues.

Ryan Hartt and The Blue Hearts - Really cool low-down blues band from Connecticut.

Learn Blues Harmonica - David Barrett offers one of the most extensive websites on blues harmonica. He provides comprehensive online instruction for players of all skill levels, including video lessons, interviews with experts, and my contribution, “Ask Amp Expert Skip Simmons.”

Nick Moss & the Flip Tops - One of the real torchbearers for Chicago blues . . . in fact, I believe they are using a flame-thrower now. Hard-working. Well-traveled. The real deal.

National Music Museum – Check out this great collection of historical instruments, located at The University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. I would like to visit someday.

tiny telephone - I have done quite a bit of work for this busy, independent San Francisco Bay Area studio. John Vanderslice has lots of great vintage gear.


Skip Simmons Amp Repair • 4824 Bevan Road • Loma Rica, CA 95901
530-771-7345 •

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